Saturday, October 30, 2010

This just in, 20% of enterprises and most IT people are idiots

So, who still runs Internet Explorer 6? I do, because sometimes, I'm a web developer.
Along with IE 6, I also run later versions of IE, as well as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Arora, Maxthon, and Konqueror. So do my web developer friends and coworkers.

The reason why we do is simple. We want to test our products with every browser with any sort of popularity. Or is a browser that comes with some sort of OS or environment with any sort of popularity. Same goes for browsers with a specific engine.

By playing with so many browsers, we get a feel for things which seem to not be well known (even when documented well), or completely missed by the "pros" who write the most noise on the subject at hand. After work, sometimes my coworkers and I like to get together and joke about how Google security researchers put out a security memo on IE, citing no recourse, while the solution is clearly documented on MSDN, or any similar scenario.

Perhaps we're bad guys for not writing lengthy articles on every subject, and keeping knowledge to ourselves. On the other hand, we get to laugh at the general population on a regular basis. Something which I'm sure every geek at heart revels in.

Here's a small sampling of popular beliefs that we snicker at:

That last one is actually what prompted this article. 20% of enterprises say they can't upgrade to newer versions of Windows because they need to use IE 6. On top of this, almost every IT guy who had anything to say about this believe in this situation or mentions virtualization as an out. Heck, even Microsoft themselves are saying you need a special XP mode in Windows 7 for IE 6, as is every major article site on the net who comment on this situation.

Hilarious considering that you can install and run IE 6 just fine in Windows 7. There's plenty of solutions out there besides that one too. They've also been around for several years.

Anyways, experts, pros, designers, IT staff and average Internet surfers out there, just keep on being clueless on every single topic, some of us are having a real laugh.


insane coder said...

I just edited the article and linked a couple of examples in my list to websites which are able to defy the common knowledge, or to documentation which suggests otherwise.

You should be able to find the truth in the unlinked points if you search hard enough.

DN said...

IE is not the most advanced browser when it comes to text and typography (because it is, by far).

I find it incredibly hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would have ever believed this anyway, considering the contributions and general advancement MS has made to the state of digital typography in the last 20 years or so.

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